Bring your classroom sessions alive with YawnBuster!
If your students snooze, you lose. So, rethink the way you use PowerPoint in class. Incorporate exciting, engaging and effective group activities right inside PowerPoint using YawnBuster. Whether it’s an ice-breaker, an energizer game or a closure activity for your students, you can do it all with YawnBuster. It is the perfect solution for all educational institutions looking for creative and innovative ways to hold the students’ attention and get them excited about the learning process.
YawnBuster Connect
Extend group activities to virtual classrooms!
YawnBuster Connect is a powerful way to infuse participation not just in face to face classroom sessions but also in live virtual classrooms. YawnBuster Connect is a web based Audience Response System that needs to be used with YawnBuster. It enables you to extend the group activities to virtual classrooms. Students can simply participate via mobile devices and computers. No need to invest in any special hardware or clickers! As a teacher or presenter, you can collect, view and share learners’ responses to all YawnBuster group activities in real time.

YawnBuster Activity Samples

Nothing beats the joy of a teacher witnessing the students totally involved in the class. Well, make that an everyday occurrence with YawnBuster’s group activities. Embed them in your PowerPoint presentations and celebrate the joy of learning. It is designed in a way that will grab your students’ attention and get them participating. Who says learning cannot be FUN?!

Click the thumbnails below to view the different YawnBuster activity samples

  • Show of hands
  • Brainstorm
  • Key Takeaway
  • Sequence
  • Point of View
  • Quiz Show
  • Bingo!
  • Spider's Web
  • Reach the Top
  • Mine the Gold
  • Rapid Fire
  • Feud Game Show
  • Bet, Answer and Win (a Jeopardy like game)
  • Spin the Wheel
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